The Divide

There is such a place Where something so tiny resides It is the line between love and hatred A place where all parts cross disfunctionally, Like air passing through gravity, it has no defined path. One never knows when it changes to hatred Or when the burning hatred transform to burning love It hits you… Continue reading The Divide

Life notes

Sudden death/Going forward

The Bible says death comes like a thief; as it is sudden, and most times inevitable and we have to accept this well-known and universal fact. Death is inevitable, yet the loss of a close friend or family member, always showers us with range of emotions we can't handle or control. How death comes is… Continue reading Sudden death/Going forward

Life notes

I knew what I was doing Despite been told countless times And now it was happening. For real The danger was coming, the provocative wind didn't make things any better. The air so tide I couldn't breathe I could only understand my legs had taken flight when I discovered I was at the same spot.… Continue reading