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The Race of Our life

Good evening dear readers, it’s been quite long I wrote concerning the situation in my country and today, I have chosen to break the silence.

It has been a crazy dayyyyy as in no joke. We found ourselves running the race of our lifes; difference was, the reward for this race was keeping your life intact.

We ran in different directions not knowing what precise path to take. The sound of gun shots has a way of freezing your brain and making you think insane and even acting in unexpected ways.

We had returned, from a church program in a village called Mudeka. And as we headed home, upon keeping the musical instrument we had travelled with, we heard a sound that sounded quite familiar but, oblivious to the situation at hand, we continued on our way, walking majestically.

Thanks to the frenzic running from people from all directions, we were abreast with the knowledge of the danger that was waiting for us ahead. For when bullets speak, people don’t stand to listen, we definitely followed one section of the crowd and by his Grace, I am home safe and sound, and so are the others.

Now the question I needed answers to was, what caused today’s chaos. To answer the what, we are told the Amba boys (liberation fighters) went around reminding and warning parents of the danger that awaits anyone who sends the child to school tomorrow September 3rd; for schools are set to resume this day.

However, the shots fired by the Amba boys, into the sky and the warnings, was not the main fire that drove today’s heat to the sky level. Here is the reason:

The presence of the Amba boys means the arrival of the Army and when they come people die (innocent civilians precisely). For they don’t come to protect but to kill and weaken the strength of their supposed enemies not minding the civilians who are brought down by their bullets. Hence, people had to run for their lifes before men in dark masks (army) arrive.

Even, as we ran, I could clearly here others saying “I need to get to my house before the army arrives”. Cause when they come bullets fly right, centre, and left no questions asked.

Hopefully today’s troubles are over and we won’t get up to news of deaths. Tomorrow is monday, and a ghost town day, when every human being and their properties are to be confined in doors as a symbol of their support for the strike against injustice and the government. This same tomorrow is supposed to be the resumption of schools.

And I don’t need a magic wand or a prophesy to tell us there ain’t gonna be an opening of any school in southern Cameroon tomorrow and for the days and months to come. Which parent will value education over the life of their children. My only prayer is for tomorrow to come and end peacefully.

Hahaha you needed to see us running, never knew I had that in me and thinking of it now makes me laugh so hard. What we used to watch on tv, has now visited us for real.

Let God’s mercy save and protect us all.

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