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That Gentle Breeze

You know what people say about the calm before the storm?

I think thats what is packed for today’s parcel.

It came with a message, which was poured out so gently.

As soft like the laughter of a new born baby, it brings about a certain glow.

A new kind of breeze. That which flatters our faces as that controlled in an indian romantic plot.

And soon, we forget the misery we had come to face.

But, no matter how we try to ignore and take a break, certain things are always there to remind us of forgotten scars.

They scrub deep into already bleeding wounds

This time, it is that gentle breeze and although the rain seizes to fall and all may appear calm

It has that ability of rocking beliefs and dreamy hopes buried within the foundation of our souls

That gently breeze, embellishes in it an electrifying tremor that snatch sleep from our eyes reminding us of the undefeated terror that still governs us.

It is that kind of calmness that tells you the worst is yet to come be prepared.

So we set out day and night, in mind or with hands to make sure we have that victory before the rest.

But for those who remain in cloud nine of dreamy dreams, waiting for the hand of invincibilty to clear their paths straight, they wake up a decade from now realising they were locked in the land of wishes

With only REGRET and WHAT IFs as their labor of hardwork and determination.

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