Life notes

Our Motherland

As lowly folks strode the accustomed paths

It seems unplanned but we each recite the same dreadful song

October 1st, 2018, we all wonder

What might happen?

Since 2016, Objects of law and order deemed to save and protect us, have spread poison

Babies, mothers, fathers, the youths, we all shake in terror of them.

It may sound funny but my liitle nephew (2year-old) now knows the sound of their coming and always makes sure to take to his heels on sight. It’s a troubling scene to watch.

Everyday sings a sad tune

Who’s soul has been taken?

For each one butchered down, the masses pay the price

10 more of us will go

Many villages torched down

No one can understand our pain

Since when has clueless citizens become targets of the military

As if taking out some personal vendetta our deadcount is fattened with each hour

We are the ones wounded

We are the ones imprisoned in unknown destinations, even our families left clueless

Some have never return

And those who made it back, came as vegetables

There’s no hiding from them

not the bushes,

not our houses

Stealing from us,

Raping our mothers, sisters and daughters

Killing of children born and those unborn

Why then would we not take refuge from the presumed terrorists

After all they fight for us, they protect us.

Why then will the youths not take up arms against our dear security forces when they are killed on sight no questions asked

Who can stand the slaughter of their entire family and remain idle. This is no joke.

You need to come keep account of the number of trucks filled with weapons of all sought that come into our villages and towns on daily basis (At least 7 daily).

They start the fight in environments filled with unarmed civilians.

We count our losses with our teeths and wonder who will be next hoping it’s neither us nor the other.

So we stand and fight!

To the world’s eyes this must be music to their ears. A very interesting story. We must be the terrorists.

They claim to understand and sympathize with us but we know better than that

We’ve been fooled for so long and our idiocy has become our wisdom

Our pain has become our cure and will fight till the last of us in the mother womb is killed

Come see the way our natural resources are been exploited. Watching it been transported draws out tears cause I know our poverty increases.

Too much of it continuing becomes poison

God help justice prevail

Cause if this era of bloodshed ends against us, my people and I will surely be worst than the slaves we thought we were.

Long ago we begged them for dialogue but they made us realize their foul ways.

We learned the hard way and now none of us can be taken without them feeling the heat.

We will not cry the repeated tears of history in vain

15 thoughts on “Our Motherland

  1. The last line of the poem brought to my mind vivid imagery of the Motherland described in the poem, and it was meaningful at the same time.

    “We will not cry the repeated tears of history in vain” resonated with me because I have always been one for doing exactly that: Not repeating the mistakes of the past. To see it put in the perfect words is beautiful.

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  2. Are you in Western Cameroun? I was working on an animal sanctuary near BΓ©labo for two months March to May, building and infrastructure projects mostly. Thanks for contacting me. I look forward to reading more from you on your blog. Be safe.

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