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How does this concern you?/ I’m not lying, belief me. Really?

Who here has found themselves asking this “how does it/this concern you”

Or “Could you please mind your business”

Or just maybe ” that’s not what happened belief me/ I didn’t do it”

What of “could you not judge me”

We all have had one of such moments. And quite frankly, it is irritating and very nerve wracking when people who don’t even know you, claim to understand and judge without thinking (who here shares the same feeling). But as you do say “me” hope you remember those upsurge moments when you also butt into the issues of others as though they aimed a bullet at you.

Whenever something happens on the street, you just need to sit out in the sun, under an umbrella sipping a cold drink, and just record how by-standers, and passerbys translate and convey what has happened even of things they know nothing of it genesis. Who started it, who did what and who didn’t. Oh boy! and most of it all, who is to blame.

Such people dont waste time to share it on social media. You need to check out the diversed posts of that one event told from a hundred parallel angle. What’s more interesting are the comments. At times it’s as though they are talking about an animal and not another human being.

When we act in such a manner, what do we aim to gain? Has anyone ever gained anything substantial from spreading rumours of the lives of others. Why can’t the world just grow up?

There’s something called privacy and nothing beats invasion of privacy, like invasion of privacy. ( I weep for the celebs). But then again, we all at some point have gotten the celeb treatment on social media. Bad or good.

How can we ever protect are privacy fully. We on our part, have to stop sending wrong signals so people understand and stay within their limits. That’s if we can ever get there. For it turns out humans can be the most irrational creatures on planet earth.

Cause at times no matter how many times you throw yourself explaining stuff to people, they don’t just get it. They don’t just care.

Now, what of those acquaintances, supposed friends, family members, neighbours who claim to have known all your life; in fact, they “know you too well…..since you were a child”. Pause it there. Really?🙅 hahaha. What a life! But they are the first ones to point wrongly accused fingers at you and just throw you under the bridge.

The first ones to harbour misconceptions and spread the rumours either by sheer intent or harmless conversations. And most times they don’t find the need to ask you just ones what the truth is because presumably they “know you too well”. (What that means is, your not trusted).

This goes out most especially to family members; parents especially, oops! yes I said it. Sure some people will kill me now for saying this. But it is the truth.

Sometimes parents are the first to misunderstand and hurt their children. Not forgetting the BFs/hubby or wifey. Just imagine how they feel hearing you insult, doubt and misjudge them. That sure is a lot painful.

Can we practice giving the benefit of the doubt most especially to those we claim we love especially when there’s no proof to show they are wrong?

Most of all, Can this I know you too well syndrome Ever come to and end?

And can we truly prevent people from talking trash and invading ones personal space? celebrity or not.

I would LOVE to get your views. so do like, share and comment on your experiences. Me waiting🛀🙇.

3 thoughts on “How does this concern you?/ I’m not lying, belief me. Really?

  1. Tbh people will always not mind their business and it’s annoying! They’re so quick to judge, forgetting they have their own graveyard in their cupboards.
    Whenever I catch myself trying to talk down on someone, I quickly stop cause they might not even know about it.
    I know it doesn’t come easy but we should stop this attitude of “knowing someone too well” cause let’s face facts, some people don’t even know themselves

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    1. Hahaha well said Anesii. Thanks for adding more on the “I know you too well syndrome”. Your comment is very well summed up. Hope we learn to pause and think before dumping judgement on others.

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