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The PAIN WE Go Through

you took it all

Yet it wasn’t enough

I recall you weeping when a chicken was killed

When we trouble the cats, you picked a fight with us

Such was your love, and value for all things breathing

Now I realise it was a lie

You made us criminals of guilt

And killed us for your crime.

How we’re we supposed to know

To understand, you never shared,

You never cared

What led you to this

We seemed happy that night

I need to know how you felt taking those cold steps

Did your breath change

Did you think of us

Mom cries all night and as for dad, his married to the bottle

Like a train set off on the wrong course,

We were for two years lost in it.

Searching for an unknown killer

Turns out you pulled the trigger…

The closure we sought for, brought us guilt,

Confusion and unanswered questions

When you jumped, we caught you didn’t we?

When you joked, we laughed

And when you hurt, we were sad.

So why couldn’t you share with us the burdern of your heart

Everyday now breeds a new fear

The scars you see, are caused by you

My tears all dried up

Every knife triggers me to end it too

The darkness I’ve come to know is depressing

I find my self counting the cracks on walls wishing I asked what you were going through.

Now, I’m left with the bloodstains and imagery of your broken body as you somasulted from the bullet wound plunched by your own hand.


Sucide is real, and deadly contagious. This life we live, isnt a movie so don’t end it. No matter the headache life throws at you,you are tougher than that. people often say when life shows you pepper, make pepper soup from it. It gets better from hence on. 😊YOLO(you only live once)


2 thoughts on “The PAIN WE Go Through

  1. Thanks for the continuous support. Much appreciated When a loved one commits suicide, he doesn’t just kill himself but the whole family. My people will tell you the person who commits suicide, place an irrevocably curse on his family.


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