Life notes

About God

Something has got me thinking hard for sometime now. Not sure whether to grant it that privilege of occupying my head. So I thought to scribble it down with hopes of better understanding

“Why does it seem the whole world, despite the tribes, cultures, and variant religion, there exist one evil, one demon: Satan”, someone asked..

According to this person, though people may address him with different names, his crooked ways never change, his manipulative tactics and involvment with us, the lesser beings never Change.

But with the presumed good God, there are a lot of uncalculative ways in which various people belief he acts and will want us to act.

Moslems will tell you one thing and act in ways which completely goes against Christian acts and beliefs: yet, it is said they serve one God (Allah).

Come to think of the Hindus and there many other religious camps. Why such confusion?

How can one God be so different beyond compare

Can the God who is said, and believed to be unified, have created so much disagreement among his people?

What does he aim to achieve

Why would he let his people, and this world run to ruins.

Which religion camp will turn out right in their beliefs and service of God. Or will all camps be made justified? This outcome is highly not voted to happen, but then again who decides for God.

Or is this division another manipulative tactic employed by the devil, to put assunder God’s perfect plan.

If so are we just forver the devils pun?

I try to keep myself from asking all these. . .

But my crazy thoughts leads me to ponder all the same.

What have you👇👀 to say



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