Life notes

Father could not understand

I was messy, so dirty, running back from school in a ziczac manner like a sheep berieved of his masteršŸƒ

Daddy’s scorn brought me to orderšŸš¶

My socks rolled down on the right, and on the left totally removed.

School shirt all stained with candy, I knew I would get a beaten but, for the Presence of dad’s friends

Mummy spoke littlešŸ‘µ. She would only smile.

Come school morning, shirt was burned, I got a hard knock and cried all the way to school as I got lectures on who he was and what he could do at age (6). He did not understand.

Playing was for loosers he would say, so I studied studied, studied. Friends were distractions.

Greeting dad made me have a fever. He would annalyse my greetings and wishes to him at every moment with a stern eye.

So, I simply play hide and seek and made sure I hide well untill greetings became irrelevant, even then my blood shook through my body.

Mummy still only smiled, he would Change she tells me.

Daddy COULD not understand

But he was slowly turning me into a frightful robot, void of human semblance even in speech.


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